21rst Location: Obermarktstr. 19

Marcel Lilienthal

At the beginning of the 20th Century the Jewish business man, Moses Lilliental, established a Bank at Obermarktstrasse 19. From1919 until 1935 it was owned Bruno Lilliental. He also owned the house, in which there were appartments and a branch of the grocery firm Heinrich Hill Ltd.

It is not possible to discover from when Marcel Lilliental lived there and there is little to discover about him at the available sources. He was born in Berlin on 8th January,1922, and was Jewish.  There are no documents available with information about his parents or his family, but he had certainly lived at the above address.

He emigrated to France, probably before the Second World War. After the German forces occupied France he was arrested in 1940 and interned in Camp Gurs in the south of France. It is possible that his arrest and internment were carried out by the french authorities. At an unknown point in time he was sent to the internment camp at Drancy near Paris. From there he was deported to Auschwitz with transport Nr. 28 on 4th September, 1942. He was murdered there but the date and circumstances are not known.

We know nothing of Bruno Lilliental’s fate. His house at Obermartstrasse 19 was siezed and was sold to the firm, Heinrich Hill Ltd.

21_Marcel Lilienthal