23rd Location: Markt 8 (Löwenapotheke)

Ernst Lindemeyer und Getrud Lindemeyer geb. Loewenstein

Ernst Lindemeyer was born 18th June 1884, in Petershagen.

He was married in Roessel, Ostpreussen, in 1921 to, Gertrud Loewenstein, who was born in Barten in the District of Rastenburg, Ostpreussen, on 26th September, 1894.

Ernst Lindemeyer was a Pharmacist who had owned the Loewen Chemist at Markt 6 since 1st September, 1919. He lived with his family at this address until the probable emigrationof his son, born 1922, to England, but was then, together with his wife, forced to move into the ‘Jewish House’ at Heidestrasse 14. On 25th June, 1936, the Loewen Chemist  was forcibly rented out, as was laid out in the Law for the Renting and Administrating of Public Chemists, passed on 13th December, 1935. The Loewen Chemist was forcibly sold on 11th February, 1939.  Even before that date, from 9th November until 31st December, 1938, Ernst Lindemeyer had been imprisoned in the concentration camp at Buchenwald.

The furniture together with the household fittings  had been seized by the Finance office, Minden, and sold to the Town Council which then auctioned everything off. Finally, the family’s jewellery was taken to the Security Loans Office. Hannover, for utilization and a receipt for them was issued on 31st March, 1939. From there the family jewellery disappeared but it is not known how and when.

On 8th December, 1941, Ernst Lindemeyer was deported to Riga. His wife, Gertrud, was probably taken there on the same transport. They both disappeared there. They were, like many other Jews, liquidated on 2nd November, 1943, not surviving the Ghetto.

The personal fortunes of both were seized by the Deutsche Reich.